Division Promotions
Division was a happy accident, started by two best friends, Zac Leeks and James Sherry. We both met through our local music scene, formed a band and attended every gig throughout the early 1990s
There is nothing formulaic about a successful public relations strategy. We know that each of our clients has put a herculean effort into creating and developing their brands. We also know the amount
Armadillo Consulting Group
Armadillo Consulting Group is a business consulting firm headquartered in the UK with a global network of affiliates. We support our clients in making decisive improvements in their direction,
As a digital marketing agency specialising in integrated marketing communications we are a strategic partner in promoting some of the most iconic brand names in the UK. We offer our clients a perfect
Partisan PR
Partisan PR is a London-based music publicity and artist management company, specialising in print, online publicity and social media. Partisan provides strategic and creative campaigns to deliver
A B Isacson Associates
That's because we communicate exclusively in the universal language of business. Our benefits-driven messaging resonates with key specifiers around the world. Our bottom line thinking keeps our
Rolling Press
In an area where music PRs increasingly seem to know little and care little for music, Lee adores music, so much so that when Lee recommends something, I listen. If I had a record out, he would be
Hammond & Deacon
This is the bedrock of our spread of disciplines. From the experience of operating campaigns on behalf of major corporations like BSi, British Steel and The Daily Telegraph, across to key brands and
Ascerta Reputation Management
Our discreet online reputation management service can help individuals, public figures and big brands as well as PR, legal and marketing agencies seeking to clean up search results from negative
London School Of Public Relations
LSPR provides certified training courses in PR, Reputation Management, Social Media, CSR & Green Marketing, Risk & Issue Management, Personal Branding and Crisis Management. We train individuals or
Cherish PR
We are one of the world's outstanding small PR consultancies and a significant partner to some of the UK's biggest and best known brands. As an independent agency operating at the heart of the digital
Plank PR is a communications agency specialising in the publicity of production companies, television programmes and presenters, and their associated merchandise whether it be books, apps, events,
Road Communications
ROAD is a healthcare PR and medical communications consultancy. We specialise in key sectors across health and wellbeing markets - from medicines and medical technology, to hospital services, public
Harvard Public Relations
Harvard PR is an integrated communications agency that works with brands who use technology to effect change. At the core of our offering is our dedicated insight and content team, comprised of two
Taylor Herring PR
We bridge the gap between social and news media with campaigns that capture the imagination and have everyone reaching for the share button. Founded in 2001 we made our name in media and entertainment