There is nothing formulaic about a successful public relations strategy. We know that each of our clients has put a herculean effort into creating and developing their brands. We also know the amount of time and thought we'll need to invest in sculpting the right strategy for each client. This invariably involves hours of in-depth research, brainstorming, reaching out to our network, and lots of time listening to the client. Once we have the tools in our hands, we sit down to craft a strategy that will fulfil objectives and deliver excellence.

A story is only great if it is told well. Timing is key. Relationships with writers and editors are built on an understanding of this. Like acting or composing, we believe that communicating is a talent. It can be nurtured and honed, but, like musicality, it can't be taught. Our recruitment policy is more like talent scouting. Not really surprising then, that our CEO was one the the great producers and A&R men of the late '80s and '90s.