Proteus Public Relations
We excel in delivering strategic and cost effective communications that combine an unrivalled understanding of clients' markets with in-depth knowledge of the latest digital thinking and campaign
Bubble Public Relations
Public Relations is a marketing function that targets the press, predominantly with news stories and editorial copy and comment. Unlike advertising, in which a specific fee is paid for a specific
PR is about telling stories that will activate ears, eyes and brains outside your company. Step one is working out what stories you have and how best to tell them. It can help to have an independent
Blue Communications
Thanks to our specialised expertise and wealth of experience, BLUE is the leading global PR and communications consultancy for shipping and marine, and energy and offshore industries. We are truly
The Ad Plain
Public Relations can be an extremely credible and cost effective way of spreading the word. Integrated with new digital design, press and website applications, PR is as effective as ever at reaching
Prime Research
PRIME Research is a global leader in strategic communication research, making a difference at over 500 companies and brands around the globe. 100 project managers and 600 analysts in six research
Oxtale Public Relations
At Oxtale, we give you access to years of expertise in PR and communications, working with plcs, not-for-profits and SMEs with specific communications needs, including industrial sites, agribusinesses
The Henley Group International
Whether you are looking for PR expertise developing a presence in the UK or overseas markets, building a corporate identity, handling contentious issues, undertaking press relations or building brand
Jelly Creative Solutions
We act on behalf of some 70 clients, the majority of which are from across The Thames Valley and London. The majority of our work is from repeat business and, over the last 12 years, we are proud of
The Buzzworks
Buzz gets you noticed. Buzz builds awareness, brings new customers, launches new products, services and events and can influence opinion. Buzzworks organised a gala charity movie premiere of the
Twelve Consultancy
PR agency life has always been fun, vibrant, demanding and challenging, yet even as we enjoy unprecedented change in the media landscape, our Twelve Founding Principles remain as true and relevant
Our multi-specialist public relations consultancy creates top brand and corporate reputations. Strategic counselling and creative lateral thinking bring our clients' business plans to life. Our client
Piece Of Cake PR
Piece of Cake is a small public relations and events agency, so small in fact that it consists of just one permanent member of staff. Me. Bridget Stott. I'm a consumer PR consultant offering creative,
The Milk Round UK
If you're looking to put your business in the spotlight and increase performance through strong communication and positive exposure, you've come to the right place. With several locations in the