Name PR
Name PR is one of the UK's leading music PR and marketing agencies, with unrivalled specialist knowledge and links to the UK music business. Founded in 1999 by Sam Shemtob, Name have successfully
Lotus Journeys
Since we began in 2004 we've been handpicking the very best in yoga, detox, fitness and adventure holidays to bring you retreats in some of the world's most beautiful locations. As busy urbanites, we
Kantor Concert Management
Since its formation in 1984, Kantor Concert Management & Public Relations has performed many varied services in the field of classical music for a host of distinguished orchestras, artists, festivals
Industry Publicity
We are a specialist design, architecture and lifestyle PR agency based in London. We believe in the power of PR and we know our work heightens brand awareness and drives sales. We have a proven track
Plank PR is a communications agency specialising in the publicity of production companies, television programmes and presenters, and their associated merchandise whether it be books, apps, events,
There is nothing formulaic about a successful public relations strategy. We know that each of our clients has put a herculean effort into creating and developing their brands. We also know the amount
Pippa Pawlik
Pippa Pawlik specializes in the international promotion of classical music. She works with musicians and ensembles across Europe and the US and is founder and artistic director of Musique-Cordiale, a
Voyager Pr
Voyager PR is a niche PR agency specialising in mid to up market travel related companies. We are unrivalled in our knowledge of the travel industry and the associated media and are hugely passionate
Partisan PR
Partisan PR is a London-based music publicity and artist management company, specialising in print, online publicity and social media. Partisan provides strategic and creative campaigns to deliver
Road Communications
ROAD is a healthcare PR and medical communications consultancy. We specialise in key sectors across health and wellbeing markets - from medicines and medical technology, to hospital services, public