Bill Hunt Public Relations
TopDog PR is owned by Bill Hunt, an award-winning creative communications professional with 25 years experience working for some of the UK’s top agencies on some great brands. Offering public
My as yet unpatented Holy Golden B.
Internet PR, online marketing, digital communications, SEO…there is no clear differentiation, but it all essentially boils down to how your brand is portrayed across digital platforms.
Richard Stevenson brings over 25 years of consumer electronics and electrical retail industry experience, flair, passion and a good sense of humour to the media marketing mix. Look no further for an
P H B Public Relations
We can provide comprehensive public relations and public affairs advice to promote your company or organisation. After a thorough PR review and assessment we will work with you to develop highly
Quantum Public Relations
Kent is fast becoming the Twitter equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle, except instead of ships and planes going missing within its borders it's people's ability to make good decisions before tweeting
Go4 Marketing & Public Relations
It doesn't matter how good your service is if no-one knows you exist. You can build a better mousetrap, but you have to tell people about it if you want them to buy one. At Go4 Marketing and Public
Xander Marketing
We are your outsourced marketing department. Since 2009, our team of marketing specialists has helped over 90 small and medium sized businesses make a name for themselves both on and offline, giving
Fieldworks Marketing
Fieldworks helps technology and services companies sell to retailers and consumer brands across the globe. Our industry insight and dynamic marketing campaigns are designed to fast forward your
Clavel Rowe Public Relations
Clavel Rowe Public Relations is a crisis management and communications public relations firm operating out of East Sussex, U.K. This public relations firm is a leader in corporate public relations,
Blueberry Public Relations
Blueberry PR is an award-winning communications agency based in Heathfield, East Sussex. We offer public relations and marketing services that blend traditional and online PR techniques. Our latest
Pennington P R
We specialise in Tourism PR but our experienced team enjoy working with businesses across all industry sectors. For the past 16 years we have worked with a range of clients to deliver exciting