Lathwell & Associates

Dick Fosbury turned high jumping convention on its head (well, 'back-to-front' more accurately) and achieved impressive results - Olympic Gold and a durable, global reputation. We thought: why not see if we can challenge the norm in creative marketing services, and raise the bar for our clients' brands too?

So, despite being really proud of our National Graphic Design Awards and PR track record, we probably won't start your project at the creative board. Whether you want a one-off item such as a logo or a brochure, an MOT for your marketing strategy or help developing a new brand from scratch, we'll first knuckle down and learn all about your business and your objectives. Only then will we unleash our wild imaginations!

Add to this approach our proactive, can-do attitude, extensive experience and tight project management, and the results speak for themselves: memorable designs and effective communications that help brands achieve their business goals.