Flint Public Relations

Flint Public Relations Ltd is a cultural communications agency focusing on profile-raising, brand management and revenue generation.

Flint provide a thoroughly professional and creative approach to publicity. Straight-forward and easy to work with, they have delivered exactly what they promise - and then even more. Private India is a unique project combining a bestselling author from India and one from the US, and with their international presence and awareness, Flint mirrored this perfectly in their campaign. They are able to provide comprehensive short-term publicity within a thought-out long-term vision and, most importantly, are an absolute joy to deal with.

From the initial brief Flint PR clearly understood our business objectives and they were creative and proactive in their approach to the campaign. They delivered a high level of quality coverage covering all sectors of our market. They are a great team to work with - hard-working, committed, enthusiastic and fun too!