Bojangle Communications

My name is Lindsey Collumbell and I am an award-winning PR consultant. I work with membership organisations, like yours, to define, develop and deliver public relations programmes that achieve strategic business objectives. I will be your part-time PR Director. 3as a 'mentor/trainer' to 'helicopter' in to get your staff to the level they need to be to get the results you need. If you are committed to growth and looking for a PR consultant or part-time public relations director, then get in touch with me to talk about what you need and what I will do for you.

I have worked with senior executive teams for 25 years helping define what the organisation needs to achieve, developing public relations programmes to meet and often exceed business objectives, and delivering strategies that get results. This website is focused on my work with member organisations, and is inter-laced with examples of work for other types of businesses too, specifically SMEs.